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Personalized Family Law Services For The Lake City And Red Wing Areas

Helping Clients Navigate Divorce And Terminate Domestic Partnerships

We understand that breakups are stressful under any condition – even if both parties are in agreement. Changing times have produced diverse family structures and situations. Our knowledgeable advocate is up to date on the current laws concerning divorces, same-sex divorces, domestic partner dissolution, separations and relationship demises that include children.

Skilled Representation For All Types Of Divorce And Dissolution

At England Law Office, Ltd., we offer almost two decades of legal dissolution and divorce experience in a range of situations that include asset and property division and dividing custody time between two parents. Our firm in southeastern Minnesota handles the following types of cases:

  • Divorce between same-sex and heterosexual couples
  • Domestic partnership dissolution
  • Relationship breakups of unmarried couples with children
  • Collaborative divorce to resolve family disputes out of the courts
  • Contested and uncontested divorces

We also provide these additional services:

  • Neutral mediation services
  • Expediting consulting
  • Parenting time consulting
  • Property disputes and hidden asset scenarios

Attorney Karen England is skilled at both out-of-court negotiations and in-court proceedings. Though it is the adults getting divorced, our firm is intensely child focused. If you share children, working collaboratively to co-parent is ideal for everyone involved. It is important to remember that your children are half of their other parent, most likely a person you once loved. Ask us about our co-parenting consultant services.

Assertive Advocacy Based In The Community

Our attorney is active in the community, with service that includes positions on the school board, the local VFW Auxiliary and her township planning committee. She knows the people of the area and has handled numerous separations, divorces and domestic partnership terminations in and around Lake City and Red Wing.

Contact Us To Speak With Our Divorce Attorney

Whether you are seeking a traditional divorce or looking for mediation services, a meeting with our intelligent, empathetic lawyer can help. Schedule an appointment today at our firm that handles a range of family legal issues. Call 651-314-4849 or send us an email. Our respected attorney can offer peace of mind at a time when you are hurting.