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Does nesting address your children’s best interests?

Does nesting address your children’s best interests?

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2021 | Divorce

The idea of the “children’s best interests” is something you’ll hear a lot about if you’re going through a divorce. It generally just means that the court wants to focus not on what is best for you or your ex, but on what is best for your children. It helps if you also adopt this mindset.  

In this vein, you may want to think about nesting, which is a relatively new child custody solution. Does it address your children’s best interests in a way that other solutions do not? 

Promoting stability and consistency for the children  

One thing that the court knows is beneficial for children is the idea of routine and structure. It’s helpful for the children to have consistency and stability in their lives, so you want to avoid changing their routines as much as possible.  

However, traditional child custody creates a brand new routine. Both you and your ex buy new homes and the children move back and forth between them. It’s a completely new schedule, they have to get used to new living spaces and they may miss friends and neighbors that they had before. It can be hard.  

 Nesting is simply the process of switching these roles. The children have a main family home that they all live in together. You and your ex still share custody. However, the adult who has custody at the time just lives in the family home with the children. When custody is exchanged, that adult moves out and the other one moves in. This lends the process its name, as the family home is the “nest.”  

As you can see, this gives the children the stable home life that they need. It is, admittedly, often much more difficult for the parents. And it’s not for everyone. But, if you really want to focus on the children more than anything else, this is one way that you and your ex can agree to do so.  

Working through your divorce   

Nesting is merely one option to consider. As you work through the details of your divorce, be sure you know what legal options you have